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El Asesino Voynich. (GUIÓN FANFIC de la serie "Castle")

This small script in what young people call FANFIC is dedicated to Andrew W. Marlowe, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and all those actors, writers and producers who make possible the episodes of the series "Castle". As they try to write each fragment is a dual Spanish and English. Although possibly my English needs some improvement is always translated the Spanish version.


Written by
Miguel A. Mateos Carreira
First Rev. Draft. February 18, 2013

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1A. Ext. Peru,2013 Day Forest East of Lima.

The dense jungle foliage hides the light of dawn.

Through the bushes and branches trail runs. It is a young European appear, Rosa Carranza, 25, and curly brown hair a little longer than a bob.

Ella va corriendo con un libro en sus manos y desaparece otra vez entre los arbustos y matorrales de la jungla huyendo de un grupo de hombres.

1B. Ext. England, 2013. Night. A London street.

We see a young man about 28 years old, athletic, running away with a book in hand as a vague shadow in the mist. His name is Raymond Levy.

Reaches a gate, looks around, opens the entrance and cross the other side of the gate closing behind him.

Someone is lighting the way with a flashlight. Under the light of the flashlight can be clearly seen that there are many things and objects there, like a storeroom.

1C. Int. Flat, Spain, 2013. Santiago de Compostela.

Mark is sitting. His face reflected concern while looking at his watch. The book places a hand, the size of a small newspaper in his coat. Look out the window and try to find where to flee.

On a nearby table is a plane ticket to New York.

Listen noise at the door. Steps, steps in approaching darkness ...

2. Bleecker St., United States, 2013. Night. New York. 

Detective Ryan stops at the entrance to the station Bleecker consulting a piece of paper. It's a note he sent to the police station from the 2nd.

An old classmate from the academy. Elizabeth Eriksson, llegaa from a point in the shadows outside the vision of Ryan.

RYAN: What did you want?


RYAN: Yes. He was a good friend at the academy.

ELIZABETH ERIKSSON: I have sent this package for you. I think something happened.

RYAN: You remember how it was, he always spoke of his dream you... Sure it's OK.

She hands him the package, says goodbye, and go again as he came.

3. INT. 12th Precinct. New York. 2013 Day.

Beckett and Esposito are sitting at their desks working, reading some reports. They have before them notes, tests and several blank sheets to cover. The Captain Gates is reviewing them unsolved old cases can be reopened if any.

Ryan enters with very tired face. He has spent the night in a bar open 24 hours of thinking about his old friend Mark. Bring the sealed package under his arm.

BECKETT: Ryan, Jenny has called asking for you. Do not you have to call?

RYAN: What did you say?

ESPOSITO: You have said you were out on a tip of a case.

RYAN: Thanks.

ESPOSITO: Where were you really?

RYAN: A companion of the 2nd met me. An old mutual friend of the academy sent this package for me.

Ryan looks around. Not see a Castle.

RYAN: Where's Castle?

BECKETT: In a book signing.

ESPOSITO: Beckett could accompany him.

BECKETT: It's your job not mine.

4. EXT. Konditori. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle is seen walking down the street. Moves towards Seller Bluestokings. Has a book signing there.

Le phone rings. It Beckett. Castle takes the call, is across the LEA. There's a young couple talking.

CASTLE: Castle...

BECKETT: Where are you?

CASTLE: Arriving at the bookstore. I'm told that a good coffee place. Can you spend with Ryan and Esposito if you want?

BECKETT: I'll tell the boys. If Gates leaves an instant and no murder we go...

CASTLE: Agreed. Do not forget to call me if there is a crime...

Castle keeps walking while hanging. Reach the entrance of the library. It's open.

5. EXT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

He sees a woman with a long jacket or coat maybe a brown jacket sitting on a blue bench near the entrance of the library. She is smoking.

Castle looks at the poster for his book signing that the publisher has sent there. It is next to the board who have put there's always the library. Then you look at the newspapers by the blue bench.

He says hello to the woman who is sitting there on the bench and look inside. They are shelves and shelves of books. You can also see some strategically placed seats for the presentation.

Castle is dressed in a dark gray coat, a white or off-white sweater and dark pants probably black.

6. INT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

Among shelves, books and ideas, Richard Castle walks by bookseller as being in an alien world.

The phone rings. Is your mother.

CASTLE: I said no.

Castle rests on a column.

CASTLE: Not if you told me you'd go in the loft I'd say yes.

MARTHA: I'm telling you is something every woman should do once in their life. I really do not know how Kate supports you ...

CASTLE: Oh, come on, the better you talk about when I get back.

Two women walk among the shelves behind Castle.

CASTLE: This presentation will not be much fun. At least I'll have a good coffee!

7A. INT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

A young Eastern approaches Castle. Is the person in charge of the presentation there. Your name: Susan Gao.

They approach the podium. Compared to the same chairs have been placed so that people can follow along with ease.

Susan Gao adjusts the microphone while people occupy their seats. There are more people than it had seemed to Castle. Susan begins his presentation speech.

Castle ignores it, for him are all very similar and sometimes identical to each other. Begin to look at the faces of those present. When he returns to attend is just as Susan Gao says the last words ...

SUSAN: With all of you ... Richard Castle!

CASTLE: Susan Gao, thanks for this presentation as elaborate. If I'm honest this book has been a piece of my soul ...

Pauses and looks at the present. Put your right hand in his pocket as playing with something that's been there and cross the left leg in front of the right.

CASTLE: I hope at least you read it between coffee and coffee... If you have questions about the novel appears on the final page the email that the publisher has enabled me to respond to you.

7B. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

One worker Bookseller goes to the store point furthest from the door. There are some boxes with books Castle, and will replenish the shelves. He bends down to pick up a box of books. Go has been moved from its site.

He looks for the gap left by the box and gives a cry of alarm. His face is pale as wax.

Castle and others present heard the scream from the back room. Castle stops talking and goes to the door of the back room.

STORE WORKER: There's a dead woman!

Castle takes his phone. Sign in if you touch anything. Look and Beckett dials.

8. INT. 12th Precinct. New york, 2013. Day.

You hear a cell phone ringing. At first you do not hear the noise clearly has in the police station.

The camera follows the sound to a drawer in the table of Beckett. The phone rings with the tone of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

The camera goes up the image and see Beckett get to the table with a coffee in hand. He sits down and picks up the phone.

BECKETT: New York Police, Detective Beckett to speak ...

CASTLE: I think you're going to come to my presentation. There has been a murder ...

Just then the Captain Gates out of his office.

GATES: Beckett! I dropped the phone and go to Bluestokings. It's been a murder ...

BECKETT: now go! We already have someone there ... Ryan! Esposito! Come!

Gates remains puzzled by the response of Beckett. Beckett still talking away on the phone.

CASTLE: Can I know who to respond to her or me?

BECKETT: I'll tell you when it arrives. Do not touch anything or you let anyone touch anything.

CASTLE: OK, as you want. I'll do what I can about it.

9. INT.  Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle turns to approach the podium after closing the door of the back room and make sure no one is within the warehouse.

Has hung up the phone, and is waiting for the police to arrive. After doing what Beckett has asked.

CASTLE: Ladies and gentlemen, please, stay in their places and wait for the police arrive to authorize them to leave. It will be the best for us and for them. All save time that way.

While watching Castle people sent a photo of the face of the murdered woman to Beckett.

People feel nervous. Castle is set to one of the seats that was previously occupied is now empty. Castle goes to Susan Gao.

CASTLE: What has been seen where the person who was sitting there?

SUSAN: I do not know. everyone moved to shout, maybe have gone outside.

CASTLE: Hopefully it was just a frightened ...

The camera focuses on the door. They begin to hear sirens from the police cars approaching the library.

10. EXT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

They patrol cars. Behind them comes the ambulance with the coroner Lanie Parish.

LANIE PARISH (Forensics): Wow, Castle! What are you doing here?

Castle says the poster presentation.

CASTLE: Who knew! Right? I do everything for my fans to be included in a murder investigation.

LANIE PARISH: Captain Gates said someone was already here. That understood him to Beckett.

CASTLE: (with a smile) I guess that concerned me.

LANIE PARISH: I finish what I believe. You charge a stage!

Castle shrugs.

LANIE PARISH: Well, then go to where the victim.

Castle is about to lead her into the back room.

11A. EXT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

They arrive just as the last cops will guide Castle Lanie Parish to the place where the victim, they come with Beckett, Ryan and Esposito.

BECKETT: Esposito takes a couple of agents and precintad back! Ryan interrogates all of the store! Including Castle!

11B. EXT. & INT. Bluestokings. New York, 2013. Day.

Beckett walks down the sidewalk. It crosses into the store. Go to the back stating Castle.

Esposito is coming.

ESPOSITO: The back door does not seem forced. The murderer had to squeeze through that small window and open the door to get the body.

BECKETT: Who is she?

LANIE PARISH: We can not know until you take away the makeup.

Ryan Beckett approaches looking at his book. He looks up and sees the body of Elizabeth Erikson. Is placed on the floor in the center of a strange drawing, naked.

Lanie moves and allows viewing of the painted face of the victim. Ryan recognizes.

RYAN: Elizabeth Erikson! She is Elizabeth Erikson ...



12. INT. 12th Precinct, Office. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle sits in his usual chair. Beckett stares at Ryan who keeps leaning on his desk. He is pale and his eyes sparkle with anger.

BECKETT: Ryan ... You seem to have been the last to see her alive.

RYAN: That's right. I called to get the package and give me Mark. Our colleague and friend of the Academy.

BECKETT: Have you found she worried or nervous?

RYAN: I would not know. Came out of nowhere, as he always did when he wanted to go unnoticed, we talked a bit about the old days and Mark. I got the package and left.

CASTLE: You were more than friends, right Ryan?

RYAN: Jenny and she only managed to make my heart beat with the force of the spring. I think you understand me Castle. But it was not my girlfriend. We never go out or anything. It was Mark's girlfriend.

BECKETT: What can you tell me that Mark?

RYAN: Mark Chandler. We finished the Police Academy together. I think it was on the 22nd or something. Was related to a colleague of Castle...

Beckett looks at Castle. Castle rubs his chin.

BECKETT: What do you say to that Castle?

CASTLE: Chandler ... Oh, right! Why did not I realize?

BECKETT: What have not you noticed?

CASTLE: Raymond Chandler one of the best mystery writers I've read ... If I tell myself, of course.

ESPOSITO: Come on! Flowers lend Stop!

CASTLE: She was yours.

BECKETT: She's dead. And we'll catch the murderer!

CASTLE: A mean, but what can you haven't that package to do with his death?

Beckett looks closely at Ryan.

RYAN: We'll look now. It is addressed to me, no warrant is needed.

Open the package. In the book there is a strange language photocopying, a notebook Paperblanks green cover, gold and red, and many pages with annotations.

BECKETT: What the hell is this?

Castle examines it in detail.

CASTLE: I would not know. The book that looks familiar to me, but I do not know maybe the initials MV mean something. And in the notes speak of something hidden in the Codex Calixtinus.

Beckett looks at Castle's eyes, his voice has a serious tone.

BECKETT: That you love, right? It looks like one of your novels.

CASTLE: Yeah, but it's not about a fan of mine, not even one degenerated. (He winks at Beckett.)

BECKETT: What! Do not quote the interrogation that I did when we met.

CASTLE: Sometimes things if they can be what they seem. At that time there was no sect or follower disturbed me committing crimes. This time seeing how the victim appeared and you have the package sent to Ryan...

BECKETT: We'll have to interrogate Mark Chandler.

Ryan Beckett approaches.

RYAN: Beckett, Can I take the news to the Parents of Elizabeth?

BECKETT: Do it. Your words and the closest feel sincere. Approach your search Esposito Mark to his station. Castle and I look to see if he was involved in something rare or problems.

They all go to the police station. Beckett and Castle go to the police station where he worked Elizabeth Erikson. On the way stop at Castle's apartment.

ALEXIS: Hello. You return soon, right? Kate does not rise above.

13. INT. Apartment of Castle. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle closed the apartment door. He goes to the fridge and grab some drinks, coffee. Then it goes into your work area.

CASTLE: No place to park and you know how traffic is here at this time. I just came to for this pen and take some coffees to go.

ALEXIS: See you at dinner!

Castle returns to leave the apartment. While Alexis is on the couch reading a book of art history.

14. EXT. 425 Broome St. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle goes out. Look carefully passing cars. Beckett can come at any moment and can only stop the car for a moment.

BECKETT: (Behind) You're wasting your time looking.

CASTLE: I looked for when you appeared with the car. You see how the traffic is.

He gives the coffee that has caught it.

BECKETT: It looks like we will have to go subway.

CASTLE: Come on, how can that be?

BECKETT: Actually, the car is broken. Will send us one to the 8th.

CASTLE: By subway! To get into the dark underworld.

Castle overlooks the restaurant L'Orange Bleue. There're several bikes.

CASTLE: We could go cycling. We would exercise.

BECKETT: Say goodbye to that idea. The nearest subway station is on Spring St.

15. INT. SUBWAY SPRING ST. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle and Beckett down the stairs and pay the trip. They'll have to get off at 2nd Avenue.

BECKETT: The subway, walking, what do you think act like a New Yorker?

CASTLE: I have always loved, where you thought you wanted the characters in my novels? 

BECKETT: You'll be surprised on the subway today. I have a hunch.

CASTLE: If you say so, but n pray recommend using it at night.

BECKETT: No. That should tell you I love you, do not you think?

Come to a camera appear taxing a man walking by vagones.Lleva a long coat brown, which looks more like a trench coat, a striped blue suit, and an elongated, like a flashlight in hand.

Beckett gives Castle nudged.

BECKETT: You see!


Fixed to the man who is approaching them.

CASTLE: Beckett ... No way! It's him. 

BECKETT: I knew you would hope to see. Having SciFi collection you have in your apartment ...

Castle quickly to notice something on a sheet of his notebook. The start of it. When man passes him he puts the paper in his coat pocket.

BECKETT: Do not have stolen his wallet. I would not want to stop for stealing a wallet. Although it would be funny!

CASTLE: No, not exactly. Term invite home for dinner.


CASTLE: Yeah, my mother and Alexis will like to meet him at the front door.

16A. Floor parents of Elisabeth Erikson. New York, 2013. Day.

Ryan is sitting in the living room with the parents of the victim, her friend Elisabeth.

RYAN: I'm afraid that this visit is not complimentary.

LOREN: What happened to Beth?

RYAN: A member of our staff has seen the appearance of your body. I was in the bookstore Bluestokings. Did he go there?

MAGNUS: It was unusual to go through that area. Although there used to be a partner with your... 

RYAN: Would not it be with Mark Chandler?

LOREN: Yes came out when you were in the Police Academy. I never knew why they separated, but remained good friends.

MAGNUS: When can we bury it?

RYAN: It depends on what the coroner later. I promise I will let you know.

MAGNUS: Thanks ... Thanks for everything else would have phoned to warn ...

RYAN: I promise I'll take her murderer.

16B. 8th Precinct. New York, 2013. Day.

Esposito knocks the captain of the 8th. Go to some agents who knows and greets quickly.

Esposito have to wait a while. One officer tells you that Captain A. Bolgerth is Delpozo met with the sergeant of the 6th.

The agent Grobber approaches to Esposito.

GROBBER AGENT: Go! Do not go out with my sister?

ESPOSITO: I do not know. Who are you?


ESPOSITO: Amanda's brother. No, she did not go out in the plan you think. We were always good friends. Nothing more. How is she?

GROBBER AGENT: Not so good ...

Go opens the office door of the captain.

GROBBER AGENT: Take my card. We have to talk about it. At least, if you're really a good friend. 


You can see out the sergeant. This gives the hand to the captain of the 8th and walks toward the exit.

BOLGERTH CAPTAIN: Who wanted to talk to me just now?

ESPOSITO: I, Detective Esposito in the 12th.

BOLGERTH CAPTAIN: It seems that today we have visitors from other stations. Come into my office.

17. EXT. 2nd Precinct. New York, 2013. Day.

Castle and Beckett have a few minutes left the metro. Now they are in the East 2nd Street, in front of the 2nd.

BECKETT: End of the line. There seems to be some movement.

They are compared to 157 East 2nd Street. Until recently it has been another building. Red brick with white painted boards and an awning reading "One Fifty Seven" in white letters on a red background. He did not seem at all a police station but an apartment building very normal.

We see a group of policemen in position at the door, are guarding all the exits, some come running to their posts.

BECKETT: What strange? This is usually a quiet building.

Castle is set at two policemen. They MacMiles Captain and Sergeant Danson.

MACMILES CAPTAIN: We have controlled the exits and entrances.

DANSON SERGEANT: And my men inside track, but I do not understand, sir, how have these documents could disappear right now?

MACMILES CAPTAIN: What the hell! There's no cops, all the investigated thoroughly. The devil knows how to have disappeared.

18. EXT. Building where the 2nd Precinct. New York, 2013. Day.

Beckett approaches to Captain MacMiles while Castle phones to order something to prepare for dinner.

BECKETT: Is there any objection to my companion and I enter?

MACMILES CAPTAIN: I would, but right now you can not.

CASTLE: (You have finished your call) So what shall we do?

BECKETT: Waiting.

DANSON SERGEANT: Who wanted to talk?

BECKETT: I needed to talk with the head of Elisabeth Erikson ...

DANSON SERGEANT: That person is me.

They move a bit to talk.

BECKETT: I have only a couple of questions.


BECKETT: Was the agent investigating something related Erikson Seller Bluestokings?

SERGEANT DANSON: At first I would say no. As you may already know here organized unsolved cases and later send them back to the appropriate files.

CASTLE: Why is there so much movement?

The sergeant looks. His face conveys concern and seriousness.

BECKETT: You can answer. Could be related to Erikson agent?

DANSON SERGEANT: I ​​had not thought. Gone are some documents related to a robbery at the Library of Yale University.

The sergeant pulls a tablet. It connects to the server by the curator.

DANSON SERGEANT: Yes, the agent Erikson was organizing the documentation for that case. Today must be sent to the police file that initiated the case.

BECKETT: What is the case number?

DANSON SERGEANT: Now I can say it is not. I will send a copy of the report by email.

Beckett gives to Sergeant Danson your card. Then comes a warning agent to come to pick up the detective Beckett and his companion from the 12th.

19. INT. 12th Precinct. New York, 2013. Night.

They are all facing the board. They mark the hour when Ryan saw Elisabeth Erikson alive. For now, is the last to see her alive.

BECKETT: What do we know?

RYAN: First, that the night he died met me to give me the package and talk about old times and Mark Chandler. We also know from their parents who met him at the bookstore where she was found dead.

BECKETT: Could have gone to meet him?

ESPOSITO: Captain Bolgerth, chief Mark Chandler told me that time is low. Tomorrow I will talk to him.

CASTLE: Could be investigating something the victim found?

BECKETT: The only thing that unites them is that theft of Yale University, in his library. What is lead?

They look at Castle.

CASTLE: Okay ... Tomorrow I went to talk to the rector unofficially, like I was documenting for my novel, and take the opportunity to get information to a friend, Sarah Pavlick.

BECKETT: Thanks ... By the way do not you have dinner?

CASTLE: Yeah! Forgive me but I have to be a chef, and I have a special guest today ...

Castle walks away towards the door without looking back Precinct. Know who come from there to his apartment after half an hour.

20. Apartment Castle. Broome St. New York, 2013. Night.

Castle sees cooking. It is preparing the best dishes I know how to do.

MARTHA: Son, what we celebrate today?

CASTLE: Nothing, do not celebrate anything.

MARTHA: Well, I think if you celebrate something.

Alexis then lower the stairs. Listen to an excerpt of the conversation.

ALEXIS: What do you say to be held?

MARTHA: Your father is preparing special dishes of the house.

ALEXIS: You're not going to ask Beckett's hand, do you already have?

CASTLE: I can only say that you will open the door and I shall bring a surprise. Alexis, if you please, put five dishes on the table. And, if one is to Beckett.

21. INT. Millenium Hilton, 54th floor room. New York 2013. Night.

David John McDonald enters his room. He wears casual clothes because one has left a while after recording in the subway.

You are registered with your real name. Not with her stage name.

MCDONALD: Well, I can finally relax. I'll eat something...

The phone rings. It is a production assistant on the show.



ASSISTANT OF PRODUCTION: It was calling for two things. The first one is to warn him that tomorrow we will record in the evening.

MCDONALD: Which is another reason for the one that was calling?

ASSISTANT OF PRODUCTION: They have made me come a note that you have received of the writer Richard Castle. It invites him to have dinner in his Broome's apartment at ten o'clock. 

MCDONALD: He believes that it might happen without going...

ASSISTANT OF PRODUCTION: I have spoken It with the chief, with Moffat. It seems that it has a common friend with this writer.


ASSISTANT OF PRODUCTION: So another writer... Pattison...

MCDONALD: This he is not the actor of "Twilight".

ASSISTANT: Then it will be Patterson, or slightly similarly. He said to me that it would be a form of which it could obtain some information of him out of what says the press, and that he would like that you were coming.

McDonald frowns. This was not in the contract for his comeback again as Doctor Who on the 50th anniversary of the series.

MCDONALD: I will Go then. I me will be able of top in white.

ASSISTANT: In agreement. I wait in the foyer of the hotel - There for a thing that the writer insists in that you should take with you.


ASSISTANT: He insists that you should take a Sonic Screwdriver.

MCDONALD: Don't be, look like a fan ... will not it be a bit mad?

ASSISTANT: You can be calm it works with the police of New York and there will be a present agent in the dinner.

22A. INT. Apartment Castle. Broome St. New York, 2013. Night.

Alexis is about to bring silverware to the table forever.

CASTLE: Wait. We will not use this table.

ALEXIS: What we use then?

Castle is about an apartment door that had hitherto passed unnoticed forever. Especially since it is always closed.

CASTLE: In this.

Open the door to the room after putting a key that hung on a chain around his neck.

MARTHA: I do not see appropriate. Maybe the person who comes to dinner is intimidated.

Alexis enters the room.

ALEXIS: So this is where you have your secret collection of science fiction.

CASTLE: Yeah. And this is the table that we will use.

Indicates a hexagonal table that almost looks like a spaceship console.

Castle is coming to a closet and opens it. There are what appear various disguises. Pick up one for him. It's elegant version of Captain Reynolds clothes series "Firefly".

CASTLE: I put this. Oh, and I have the perfect one for Beckett.

Open the other door and pulls out a deck hanger so that the clothes do not look underneath.

CASTLE: You two can choose yours.

MARTHA and ALEXIS: How much have you spent on this?

CASTLE: Only small change. I've been doing this collection since I was your age Alexis.

23. EXT. Castle apartment building. Broome Street. New York, 2013. Night.

It looks appear a taxi by a street corner. This drizzling at that time. In front of the building where a young Castle 1.80 and about 27 or 28 years remains casual dress leaning against the wall. Sheltering from the rain. 's Waiting for something or someone. He wears blue sneakers, jeans, a kind of sports coat and a blue cap with red letters that fits on the head covering her hair.

The taxi pulls up to the curb. The left door opens back and David John McDonald vehicle descends.

Something catches their attention on the floor in an area marked with reflective cones.


24A. INT. Apartment Castle. New York, 2013. Night.

Beckett, Martha and Alexis retire to a room on the top to put the costumes that Castle has chosen to receive the guest.

Castle takes a comic in their hands. It is a copy of "The Spirit" by Will Eisner, has chosen to Beckett's clothes a character that appears in the comic and the movie.

Meanwhile Martha decides on an outfit that reminds those who look at the TV series "Buck Rogers", in turn, ends Alexis dressing like Ben Tennyson's cousin. Alexis and Martha Castle down to the living room where he sits on the couch. When you approach him, he stands with the comic in hand.

CASTLE: You are wonderful. Take!

He gives them each a sonic screwdriver.

CASTLE: How lack Beckett?

MARTHA: Son, never rush a woman to be beautiful. I must take.

ALEXIS: Also, I think you'll be surprised.

Alexis takes the screwdriver sound and looks more puzzled father yet.


ALEXIS: What does it all mean?

Castle is about the musical equipment and lights. Youth music is heard. The voice you hear is that of a young soprano.

24B. INT.  Hall opposite the Castle apartment. New York, 2013. Night.

You hear the muffled sound of an elevator going up. Stops at the plant where Castle lives. Then open the door of one of the apartments.

A young wavy brown hair, in jeans and a gray jacket over a green blouse put out into the hallway. Sees a man in blue suit with white stripes and a coat, or maybe a long brown raincoat.


The man looks and waves his hand. She goes back into the apartment and closed the door with barely believe what he saw.

NEIGHBOUR: Greg, do not invite me again see your favorite series marathons.

GREG: Why?

NEIGHBOR: I watch the Doctor on the landing.

GREG: Would not the writer who lives in the other apartment disguise? I've seen even dressed zombie.

NEIGHBOR: I know perfectly the face of Richard Castle, is one of my favorite authors.

David John McDonald is approaching the apartment door of Castle. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the sonic screwdriver.

MCDONALD: This is the address.

Activate the sonic screwdriver.

24C. INT. Apartment Castle. New York, 2013. Night.

The sonic screwdriver Castle lights.

CASTLE: Mother, Kate give him this when you leave.

MARTHA: I still think it is a bad idea ...

CASTLE: It's late. Alexis, prepare to open the door!

At that time the doorbell rings.

Alexis goes to the door. The fair opens when ringing the bell for the second time.

MCDONALD: Good evening, this is the home of Richard Castle.

ALEXIS: (Shocked) If, pass, think that awaits sitting on that sofa.

David John McDonald enters and goes to where Castle. See the writer sitting there with what looks like a blue-covered dash and a comic by Will Eisner.

CASTLE: Welcome to my home, Mr. McDonald, or prefer Tennant.

MCDONALD: You who prefer natural or Castle his surname.

CASTLE: Touched and sunk ...

Alexis is about her grandmother.

ALEXIS: I've to tell Emma.

MARTHA: Who is Emma?

ALEXIS: A Spanish friend from college who is a fan of this actor.

MARTHA: You can always ask politely for an autograph for your friend or if you do not dare ask him myself.

ALEXIS: Between the two.

Martha shrugs.

MARTHA: Let there among actors ...

ALEXIS: (cutting Martha's phrase in a whisper) Thanks!

25. INT. Apartment Castle. New York, 2013. Night.

Castle with the script in their hands pass invites David John MacDonald to his studio. McDonald looks at the books on the table and chairs there. Finally, it is absorbed looking at something on the table. A copy of which was sent to Ryan in the package.

MCDONALD: I've seen this before ...

At that time comes Beckett. She is dressed like Morgenstein agent of the film "The Spirit", and the two are shown amazed at his presence.

David John McDonald forgetting the book remains speechless. But Castle does not forget the comment made by McDonald.

CASTLE: Mr. McDonald, meet the agent of the police killings of New York Kate Beckett.

MCDONALD: Charmed, I'm ... 

BECKETT: I know who you are. No need to appear, but is better known as David Tennant. 

MCDONALD: So know my work. 

BECKETT: Yeah, a little, not just as Doctor Who. 

MCDONALD: I'm glad. I would not want to live in that character box ...

Alexis and Martha approach them.

ALEXIS Dad, Mr. Tennant ... The table is set, when you want.

Castle guide everyone to the table and David John McDonald is impressed. 

MCDONALD: Go! Now leave me impressed. Has Doctor Who DVDs from the early days with William Hartnell. 

CASTLE: Almost all, but are hard to come by as the scripts.

McDonald sees the Castle has at hand. 

CASTLE: In this file there are two scripts for Doctor Who. that surely recognize. They are the first two episodes have made. I signed them.

McDonald is fixed in the first signature appears also Eccleston.

MCDONALD: If you sign this me ... (pulls out a travel edition of "Heat Wave"). 

CASTLE: I'll be signing both. Me and Beckett, she is the inspiration for Nikki Heat ...

Mutually papers are signed. Martha and Beckett realize Alexis's eyes. 

Martha gives a nudge to Alexis.

ALEXIS: (With a blank sheet in hand) Mr McDonald or Tennant.

MCDONALD: If, what does he wish?

ALEXIS: I have a friend. His name is Emma. I'd like to sign an autograph for her.

McDonald's looks.

MCDONALD: Al Doctor he likes the red-haired ones in the last times, so I will write to him this autograph for your friend.

Take the blank page and draw the robot dog K-9 and write "For Emma of David Tennant."

ALEXIS: Thank you. I'll never forget.

MCDONALD: Tomorrow in the evening we will roll in Central Park, if it approaches with his friend will be able to extract a photo together.

ALEXIS: The call to tell now. 

She pulls his phone from his pocket and makes a call. He walks away talking on the phone.

26.  INT. Apartment Castle. New York, 2013. Night.

The dinner takes place in an animated, although at first David John McDonald felt a sense of "déjà vu". In the end it was a very enjoyable dinner.

At the end of dinner... 

CASTLE: Mr. McDonald ... 

MCDONALD: Better call me David. 

CASTLE: Well ... David, before you commented in my studio copying something from a book. 

MCDONALD: What? A book photocopying ... Ah! I meant the Voynich manuscript copy of which is on the table.

BECKETT: What sounds to you that book? 

MCDONALD: As you know I was the Doctor a while. Roughly halfway through the season as an assistant doctor sent him a script to Moffat. In the manuscript appeared repeatedly. 

CASTLE: I do not see that episode sounds. 

MCDONALD: It is not issued as we sent. Moffat made changes to other things including this script, for example, the scenes of the Library is used in the episode of the Vashta Nerada, the rest appeared diffuse in confronting the Doctor with Master ...

CASTLE: Yeah, there were things in those episodes that did not seem very Doctor Who. 

BECKETT: Who had sent this script? 

MCDONALD: Well, I remember that one man, one Spanish, or perhaps a resident in Spain. If you could talk to them remitiese Moffat and data that made writer. 

BECKETT: I'd appreciate that. I think it might have something to do with an ongoing investigation.

McDonald looks at the time. 

MCDONALD: Miss Beckett, Mr. Castle, Alexis, Martha. If you do not mind I will retire tomorrow I have to shoot. Alexis hope you come with your friend Emma. I love to take a picture with her.

BECKETT: You're right. It's late, and at least I have to work. 

MARTHA: Before leaving we could all take a group photo. 

MCDONALD: I think a good idea.

Castle pulls a camera from a drawer. The placed on a tripod with the help of Alexis. 

They take the photo. 

CASTLE: Alexis Tomorrow will bring a copy of the photo shoot.



27.   INT. 12th Precinct, New York, 2013. Day.

Beckett sits at the table, while Castle, as always, will prepare a coffee.

Ryan comes with a photo in his hand. 

RYAN: I worked something. It seems that Mark Chandler is New York and not in America. Here's your last image on U.S. soil at JFK 

BECKETT: Where traveling? 

RYAN: A Spain. He told his close friends and family who would do the Camino de Santiago.

Castle is coming and leaves the cafe Beckett before this. 

CASTLE: You may have used this trip as a cover to investigate something. 

BECKETT: What could be investigating? 

CASTLE: Something about the Voynich Manuscript. I'll know in a few hours. I'm going to Yale. Who's in? 

BECKETT: Best we follow the data we have here. We do not want to make much noise in the corridors of the university, at least for now. 

CASTLE: Ok. I'll pull out the information without realizing it, as if researching for a new book.

28.  INT. Trinity Church. New York, 2013. Day.

He sees a man between 30 and 40 years inside. It is on the left. Wear black pants, blue shirt with a tie "Gieves & Hawkes" and a gray coat.

A priest who may have more or less his age comes close. His name is Sawyer, Father Thomas Sawyer.

FATHER SAWYER: Hi, Steve. Why did you want to talk to me? 

STEVE: I think we may be in danger. 

FATHER SAWYER: What basis are you believe it? 

STEVE: I was told that the police officer who was investigating what happened at Yale has appeared murdered.

SAWYER FATHER: God have mercy on your soul! What does she have to do with us? 

STEVE: Remember that old manuscript that I brought. The needed compare with another Yale University without anyone knowing. 

FATHER SAWYER: I remember. Have not you had you saved? 

STEVE: What led you to that performed the envelope to know whether it was the same time as that of Yale. Father Sawyer, Thomas, what do we do?

FATHER SAWYER: Only we know that there is a copy. Experts are dating based on a piece of paper that I took and compared the handwriting through a high-resolution copy I made in a place away from Brooklin. 

STEVE: But curiously I have received information that the work of Yale has been missing one year. 

FATHER SAWYER: How? Like the Codex Calixtino Yale ... That man has. 

STEVE: What do you mean? 

FATHER SAWYER: We are in danger, but not your copy, at least for now. We must go to the police. But do not talk about your book.

29A. Yale University, 2013. Day.

Castle approaches the area of ​​university management. His face reflects exhaustion.

CASTLE: Hello, I'm Richard Castle. He had called to speak to the Rector. 

Before you respond Rector appears through a door.

RECTOR: Oh, Castle! I forgot. Excuse me. Mind if we talk in the campus cafeteria. 

CASTLE: For me there is no problem. 

RECTOR: Well, what did he know? 

CASTLE: I'm documenting for a new novel. It steals an ancient book, there is a crime ... well, typical. I remembered that an old friend had told me that you had some very old books and even strangers. 

RECTOR: No her friend lied. Here we can still keep secrets. 

CASTLE: Ever have lacked a copy? 

RECTOR: Do you want a formal or informal response? 

CASTLE: Both. 

RECTOR: Officially you say that has not missed any book ever. By unofficial I can say that it has missed some copies despite security measures. Sometimes they take them scholars, sometimes put them in the wrong place, some are stolen ... 

CASTLE: How many were stolen? 

RECTOR: We have come away until twenty-four books. Stolen about six or seven, I think. All have been recovered.

Castle keeps a notebook in which she has been taking notes.

CASTLE: I authorize to visit the library? 

RECTOR: Yes, there is no problem in it. 

Castle shakes hands with the rector and away thoughtfully.

29B. Yale University Library, 2013. Day.

He sees a woman with several books in a kind of car that moves them from one place to another.

The woman crosses with multiple users of the Library before coming to a reserved area. There is a secluded table Sara Pavlick. She is focused reviewing a book.

OPERATE: Today, you will not have coffee Sara? 

SARA: No. I've work and I'm waiting for someone. 


SARA: A writer who comes to visit the Library to collect material for a novel. Also, I know him from before. Richard Castle is called. 

OPERATE: Ask for an autograph Loraine, she's my youngest daughter, and I love his books. 


The woman walks away. Castle sees away as he approaches where Sara.

He looks and sees Sara working.

SARA: You can sit in that chair there. 

Points to a point on the left. Castle look in the direction indicated and directed him to sit.

SARA:  I don't take long and we will start the visit. 

CASTLE: You do what you must. 

SARA: I end up informing you have a young follower. 

CASTLE: Oh, yes! Who? 

SARA: The daughter of one charge of register entries and exits of books. Her name Loraine. 

CASTLE: I give away a book like this that bring signed for you. It's signed. 

SARA: Leave it on the folder that is your right.

Sara continues for five minutes with your work.

30. INT. Yale University Library, 2013. Day.

Castle mira como Sara termina su trabajo mientras toma algunas notas previas en su libreta Moleskine. 

Sara ends and collect books on his desk and saves them in a file behind it.

She walks over to Castle.

SARA: I have heard that now work with the police. 

CASTLE: Something like that. I have one with them to document myself sane for my novels. 

SARA: Well, what do you like to visit? 

CASTLE: The area of ​​old books. In my new novel steal one. I would look like and where they are to get an idea.

They leave the place where Sara was working. Walking several corridors and areas with shelves and shelves.

They arrive at a door with access code and a security guard.

SARA: Now you will enter a unique place in this building. Here are the most valuable books and also the oldest.

Sara Castle enter the code you can not see. The door opens and access a unique area of ​​the Library.

He sees the face impressed Castle. 

CASTLE: Wonderful! Incredible! Where is the oldest book? 

SARA: It is in this area but I can not say what. 

CASTLE: What is the strangest of all? 

SARA: It depends what you find strange ...

They leave the place. Castle looks at the security cameras. They keep talking about various details irrelevant to go outside.

31. EXT. Yale University Library, 2013. Day.
It's sunny at the time of exit. 

CASTLE: I have curiosity about a book ... 

SARA: What? 

CASTLE: The Voynich Manuscript. 

SARA: You choose the strangest of all the books. What do you know about him? 

CASTLE: Do you see many people? 

SARA: Currently unless university scholars, scientists, and a search of mystery no one has access to the book. However, there a digital copy that you can download from the Internet. 

CASTLE: In the last three years, how many people have asked? 

SARA: The original two or three people with security. But I know that there are several groups studying the text from different perspectives. 

CASTLE: How do you know? 

SARA: Sooner or later, all contact with us. 

CASTLE: No one thought to steal? 

SARA: I you would keep a secret? 

CASTLE: Yeah. 

SARA: It has already been robbed once. In fact, not long ago he was here investigating police again about it. 

CASTLE: And That? 

SARA: The book was recovered, but the case was strange. It seems that I had stolen one maintenance workers at the University.

CASTLE: How was it possible to recover? 

SARA: No idea. I know there have been people who believed what the government was actually stolen or someone of great political or economic power, more guesswork. 

CASTLE: Who currently investigating the case? 

SARA: Why do you ask? 

CASTLE: I would talk to that person. 

SARA: It was called Beth Erikson. 

Castle looks at the time. 

CASTLE: Well, I have to go. My daughter waiting for a party. Tomorrow get a book signed for Loraine. 

They part with a strong handshake and a kiss on the cheek. Castle then away writing something in his notebook. 

32. INT. 12th Precinct, Office. New York, 2013. Day.

Captain Montgomery is seen talking on the phone. 

Ryan, Esposito and Beckett are waiting to see what he says. 

MONTGOMERY: We are going to recall what they have in our embassy in Spain. Apparently Mark Chandler rented an apartment in Santiago, but has disappeared from there. The roommate has put the missing person report. 

BECKETT: Elizabeth Erikson, murdered. Mark Chandler, disappeared... 

ESPOSITO: Ryan, that you have sent seems cursed. It is a poisoned gift. 

RYAN: I think I have discovered something they should not discover. 

BECKETT: We'll find out. Anyway, I will protect you and Jenny. 

FAX ringing is heard when for an agent to Beckett papers about the complaint.


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